Storage without lifting a finger

Designing for conversion

byStored is a storage company that picks up, stores, and delivers your belongings. Like self-storage but better.

I was brought on board to lead the redesign of the website and work closely with the managing team to improve conversions.


The original website was designed by the development 3rd party company during the early days of byStored's life.

Low-fi Designs

After the initial reasearch, I started iterating on a number of ideas for the new user experience by creating low-fi designs in Balsamiq. For each iteration I created an InVision proptotype to allow the team to test the new UX and also gather feedback from them.

Design Exploration

Once completed the wireframes and defined the user flow, I started the design exploration. I created a set of style tiles to decide together with the team on typography, colour schemes and high level look and feel of the new designs.


During the 3 months I was at byStored, we established a fast pattern of designing, testing and implementing ideas.

We tested our ideas with different methods from in-person user testing/interview, online user testing/interview and A/B testing. We iterated several times on the initial design before deciding on the final version.

Helping users find the perfect storage unit

Following one of the user testing sessions, we discovered our users didn't have a good sense of the size of each storage unit. We decied a good solution was to design an isometric model of each unit. The user is able to switch between 2 views, one to see how the units relate in size to a human and one to see how some common objects fit inside the unit.